I’ve created website copy and blog posts for many small, consumer-focused law firms that need fresh content from someone who understands their businesses. These include some practice area basics like auto accident pages for personal injury lawyers, but also pages on more complex and research-intensive topics like the False Claims Act and the science behind drug recalls.

It’s difficult to showcase all of this work because it is, by its nature, ghostwriting. I have many samples available on request, but below are some that I am free to put online:

I helped write this ebook on North Carolina car accident law for Lewis & Daggett, and they kindly gave me permission to put it online.

Informational articles for LegalZoom, including:
Building a Workplace Harassment Policy That Keeps You and Your Employees Safe,” October 2019

Selected practice area pages Wallin & Klarich

Family law, criminal defense and supporting pages for Colorado Springs family and criminal attorney Jennifer B. James

Selected practice areas (from “Bankruptcy Overview” to “The New Bankruptcy Law”) BetterBankruptcy.com. This Word document that I’ve uploaded may be a more convenient sample.

Nonlegal Marketing and Content Writing

In 2010, I’m proud to say I was a freelance contributor to the U.S. Department of Energy’s Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, helping to write a blog called Energy Empowers. These were reported, journalism-style pieces that told stories of how the Recovery Act helped Americans work toward cleaner and more efficient energy usage. I had the honor of being the office’s West Coast voice, with (not surprisingly) a special emphasis on solar. Here are some highlights of that work:

Solar cookers to bring hope to earthquake victims

Alaskan cooperative wins wind award

Yellowstone agencies plan to reduce emissions

Nellis Air Force Base solar array provides a model for renewable energy projects

Initiative guides Hawaii to the path of energy independence

Arizona teachers prepare students for green economy

Hawaii Marine base installs solar roofs

Hydrogen fuel cells provide critical backup power

Puget Sound communities promote energy efficiency

World’s largest solar energy project heads to Mojave

Hydrogen power lit Academy Awards

Oil spill still motivates Santa Barbara to be green

Arizona college 5 MW system will be “solar with a purpose”

Navy catching waves in Hawaii

When life gives you onion scraps, make electricity

Ariz. rooftops key to unlocking the potential of distributed solar

Quantum innovations in solar energy: Q&A with Byron Washom

In Alaska, weatherization training goes home…sort of

Could TEG improve your car’s efficiency?

Factory brings solar energy jobs to former steel town

College fights energy rate hikes with ‘grid positive’ plan

American Indian complex to cool off using ice storage system

Mirror film co. has ‘concentrated’ plans for expansion

Unique solar thermal laboratory gets upgrades

Solar field gives Tennessee economy a boost

Former Chrysler plant changes gears to solar

Growth in solar means growth in Ohio

Holographic technology could increase solar efficiency

Tax credits give thin-film solar a big boost

“Neighborhood in a park” harnesses the sun